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Tuesday, 31 March 2020

My First Sex Story | Indian Sex Stories

Hi my name is vikram. I have been frequently visiting KE and now I felt that I should share my experince with you. I myself is a well built good looking guy. I was in my college first year. I had seen many porn videos and magazines by then and my sex drive was on its verge. I had a neighbour named raje (name changed) who used to live in the third floor of our apartment. She was in her thirties but she really used to be too gorgeous. Anyone who sees her for the first time has to afford his sleep for one night.

Hindi Sex Stories

 As our family was moving close with her family we used to be intimate with each other. Her husband was too elder than her , since he lost his first wife and had married raje. She used to be very hard to her husband always. Raje often used to be in her nightie and would watch us playin in the terrace.ours was the only three storeyed building in that street and so none can see a person in our terrace from neighbouring building. I would love to play in terrace whenever raje aunty is there.

One night we were playing hide and seek. It would be too dark in the terrace and we would hide everywhere possible. That night as raje aunty was there I went and hid myself behind her.i was kneeling behind her so that her ass cheeks were near my face. It was then I was getting hard. I was not able to control myself after seein her ass cheeks,so I as if hiding caught her by the hips and asked her to cover me properly. She also told nothing and kept quiet. As it was summer I used to sleep in the terrace after finishing playing. So that night I masturbated five times thinking about raje aunty. Then I never had a chance like that. I was really longing to fuck her. I was masturbating most of the days when I slept In terrace. One day we were playing as usual and raje aunty came and sat near by the terrace gate.

Indian Sex Stories

 I thought I would get a chance today and went and hid myself behind her. It was then I noticed that she was not wearing her bra. Suddenly my tool got erected. I stood up and told my friends that I was feeling sleepy so lets wind up the game. So my friend who were all too good accepted immediately and dispersed to their houses. I also laid my bed in the terrace and was about to go to bed. By then raje aunty was in the corner of our terrace. Since our terrace used to be a very long one she often would stand at one corner and keep watching the streets. I saw that day also she was standing there. I went near her and started speaking generally. She also started speaking and often she stared at me. I was jus seeing her tits which were 36c. I was not able to control myself after seeing her tits . So I asked her whether she is not going down as it was already late. She told that her husband had gone out of station and power cut was there so she ll be going down only when current comes. I felt it was my time and I should not let it go. I kept on speaking and asked her why she always keeps admonishing uncle.

 She said that uncle was too old and he is useless for her. She then changed the topic and started asking me about my studies, coll and friends. All the time I was starring at her big boobs while she was talking to me. I then said that I was feeling sleepy so I am going to bed and told her sarcastically to wake me up if she wants anything. I saw a naughty smile litting up her face. I then went and laid in my bed. I wantedly loosened my lungi and laid in m bed. I was watching her and I could see her often sighting me from there. She then came towards me and kept starring at my cock which had by then made a tent in lungi. She just came to her knees and raised my lungi and was starring at my cock which was 6” long. I suddenly opened my eyes and saw her. She raised immediately with a fear and shy. I told her again that she could have waked me up if she had wanted anything. Her voice broke and started saying that she had not had sex for past one year as she did not like her husband who was too old. She then stated crying and asked me not to tell what she did to any one. I suddenly got a hunch and said I would satisfy her if she wishes and by saying this I grabbed her hand and pulled her too my bed and started smooching. She was at first trying to escape but later inserted her tongue into my mouth. She then pushed me aside and gasped breath. She saw me cunningly and she again liplocked me. Then she asked me to stand and she knelled down and took my cock into her mouth. She was jus sucking it like a mad bitch.I was feeling like heaven and was trying to control my ejaculation but the way she sucked I succumbed and within few minutes I shot my load of cum into her mouth. I then asked her to stand up and I removed her nighty. For the first time I was seeing a boobs. I was jjust sucked her boobs thoroughly and she was moanig like ahhh hmmm ohhhh. I then left her she told me pl don stop keep caressing. But I asked her to remove her panty and I would suck her boobs oly then. She too did that immediately and I asked her to lay on the bed and I started licking her pussy. And I was caressing her boobs with my left hand and her ass cheeks with right.I was licking her pussy and inserted my tongue into it. Suddenlly she got me by my hair and pushed my face towards her love triangle. I understood and took all her love juices into my mouth. Without gulping it down I just went above and again liplockd her. We shared her love juice. She then again pushe me aside and went to took my cock into her mouth. But I lifted her and said I would love to fuck her. She immediately accepted and laid and spread her legs wide I kept my cock at her pussy lips and hit her pussy lips with my cock. She just caught hold of my cock and guided me in. It was very tight inside.. I Started making in and out strokes slowly.By then she locked me inside her by her legs crossed across my buttocks. She was just started moaning ahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh come on pour u’re juices into me. I was just encouraged by her words and moans and sped my strokes and she suddenly held me tight and fell down. And I just kept stroking and after fifteen minutes I had an orgasm and I ejaculated inside her. We both laid side by side and she said” vikram idu yaarukum theriya vendam pl”. I promised her that I wont say. But I said I love her and I want be her sex partner forever. She also told me that I have really thick and broad cock and by saying this she again got hold of my cock and took it in her mouth. I pushed her went to lick her pussy.

 Suddenly she stopped me and told lets satisfy each other simultaneously. And soon we were in 69 possition. And after ten minutes we were both lying side by side again. She told that she really loved my fucking style and tld that she was feeling tired so she is gonna sleep. I asked her to sleep as such along with me in my bed. She also accepted and slept beside me nude. It was nearly twelve then. I kept thinking about my fuck and just slumbered wid out my conscious. I suddenly felt my cock raising again and when I opened my eyes I saw raje sucking it like a lolly pop. I said” aunty pl vendame” she told please allow me once am sex starved. I told I ll allow her only if she allowed me to fuck.

She also accepted and started sucking and when I was about to cum I took it out snd shot it on her boobs. And then told her this time I want her on the top. She too readily climbed and I got hold of her big boobs and started caressing while she was jumping up and down on my waist with my cock inside her. After ten minutes both of us climaxed together. She then stood up and went to the tap and cleaned her boobs and took her nighty and wore it and came and sat beside me. I was still nude lying in the bed. She said she would like to fuck me again so she would call me whenever she was free. And she said she might become pregnant becos of me. I was afraid at first but later she told that she ll just manage that by having a dummy sex with uncle. I thanked her and pulled her close to me and liplocked her. This time we were still for few mins then she rose and told that it was already 4:30 in the morning and soon some one may saying so she took leave. I just took my lungi and tied it properly and then had a nice sleep till 7 in the morning when raje came and woke me up as if nothing had happened .

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