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Saturday, 28 March 2020

Best sex ever in train journey

I have been writing here just because I can’t share my story with anyone else. I’m Manasa, age 25.
It was a pleasant day at a relative’s house in Pune. I went there a few years ago, to meet my cousins. Since my college was about to begin in few days I booked a train to Bangalore, where I was doing my studies, staying at a hostel.
I came just before the train departs. By that time, my reserved compartment was almost full. As always I had booked a window seat.When I reached my cabin, there were a couple with their 2 kids and another guy. He was sitting opposite seat to me in the window seat.As those kids were playing on the upper birth I had to put my bag under my seat.
Journey began. Just glanced, that guy was a decent looking handsome guy. A while later he tried to have a conversation with me. He said “Hi”.I didn’t respond. As many guys try to take advantage. Maybe he felt bad, so he started doing something with his mobile.
I was looking out at the passing buildings and trees while having some chips. By this time train had already come out of city limits. Then I took my water bottle, opened its cap was about to drink water by that time those kids who were on top dropped their doll on my hand. By the time I realize what had happened water spread out all over my t-shirt.
As it was a yellow cotton t-shirt, it just got stuck to my body revealing my black bra and its shape when water spreads over it.
That aunty who was sitting next to me was still busy talking to someone else from another compartment. Her husband and the other guy who were in front of my seat were looking at my chest ashough they got to grab it. It was uncomfortable for me. I tried to take out my bag which was under the seat so that I can take any piece of cloth to cover my t-shirt. By that time, the guy in front of me offered his small hand towel.
Without thinking much, I just grabbed it from his hand and covered my chest with it. Before I say anything he just went somewhere. I just took another t-shirt from my bag, went to the loo to change my t-shirt. When I came out, I saw him standing near the train door. I gave him his towel and said thanks to him. He said, it’s ok. Then we had a casual chat. Came to know that his name is Rakesh.
The train stopped at the next stop. We were still talking near the door.Someone entered the door with a huge luggage carrying on his shoulder. He pushed Rakesh to the side, eventually, Rakesh pushed me to the train’s wall. Some more people started entering our compartment everyone pushing Rakesh towards me.
Our faces were almost facing each other, his chest pressed against my boobs, I was holding his strong biceps for my support. I even felt his hard on my stomach. He put his hands on my waist. Things were getting wild. I suddenly came to my conscious. Pushed him back and moved back to my seat.
He too followed me. After that, I didn’t speak anything with him. Then he took something from his bag and went to the loo. After 2 minutes, he had changed his jeans to cotton night pant. Which was a bit tight for him, so his bulge was clearly visible. It was hard for me to not to look at his muscled biceps and that bulge. Somehow, I controlled.
We were talking about college life etc. by this time it was late night.Everyone started sleeping. As lights were switched off by other travelers. I wasn’t getting sleep. I went near the train door to just look outside. As I was holding the supporting bars next to the door and was watching outside. He came and stood behind me.
Again, we started talking about something. He eventually getting bolder with me. He too put his hands on the same supporting bars, standing behind me almost touching me from the back. Later I started feeling his bulge over my butt. I thought it’s not right. I started moving towards my seat. He pulled my hands and pushed me against the wall.
I told him it’s not right. Leave me. But he didn’t listen. Asked me directly. Please, let’s kiss. I said no. he forcefully holds my head and started kissing. I tried my best to get rid of him, but couldn’t in front of his strong arms.Eventually, I too started enjoying the kiss. Someone was coming towards us. I told him to stop.
We went back to our seats and slept. Morning, we reached Bangalore. He helped me to carry one of my big bags. As we were moving out of railway station he asked me to visit his place. I initially said no, after some time I agreed.
We were sitting in an auto rickshaw. I really don’t know why I was going with an unknown guy to an unknown place but I was just doing it. I was holding one of my bags on my lap. He put his hand around my shoulder. I resisted but he didn’t listen. He just continued caressing my back. He even raised my tee shirt from the back and was playing around my waist. I didn’t know whether to resist him or to enjoy.
We reached his home. His other housemates were sleeping in other rooms. He told me not to make much noise. As we entered his room, he threw all bags to the corner, locked the door pushed me against the wall and started kissing me.
I realized anyway I have come here, let me enjoy. I too started kissing him vigorously. He removed my tee shirt and started kissing my boobs over my bra like a mad dog. He unfolds a bed which was in the corner and told me to lie down, I did.
He removed his shirt and pant. He was just in his v-shaped underwear. He came near me and said, you are so beautiful please don’t make noise as his housemates might wake up. As it was the first time for me I was shivering.He undid my jeans. Then he kissed my legs, came up and started eating my pussy over the panty.
I just surrendered myself trying to be shameless in front of an unknown guy. He removed my bra and panty, made me all naked. He started biting my nipples while he started rubbing his dick over his underwear to my pussy. I left a loud moan. He quickly holds my jaws and said don’t make noise you bitch and lip locked me to avoid my moans.
He came down and pulled me on top of him. I kissed his chest then bite his nipples hard to take revenge for what he did to my nipples. Went down and slide his underwear down. His monster just popped out. First time in my life I was seeing a hard dick in real. I touched it, it was a strange feeling. Felt like holding a meat of different texture.
Kissed it and try to do what and all I had seen on porn videos. He too enjoyed it thoroughly. Then he pulled me down and he came on top. He tried to insert his dick inside my pussy. I stopped him. Told him to use a condom. He said he don’t have a condom.
I denied doing it without a condom but he forcefully inserted. He blackmailed me saying if I make more noise his roommates will come and starts fucking me. I had to accept his fuck without the condom. As he stroked hard few times I was going through immense pain, finally broke my hymen. Blood all around.
Still, he didn’t stop. He did and came inside me. I was just enjoying without thinking of consequences. He forced me to stay inside the room as his housemates were there outside the room. At 11 am they all went out by that time we finished doing it 3 times. Later I wore my clothes and came out.

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