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Thursday, 26 March 2020

A Girl Chooses a Coach - Part 1

Sudhir sat in his corner of the large hall that served as his house's living-cum-dining room and watched the young girl bounce about. Aruna, his 22-year old niece had recently got married and had just come back from her brief honeymoon visiting her mother, and both mother and daughter had dropped by at their house to say hello.

Sudhir had always had an awkward time around Aruna in recent years. The girl didn't seem to understand that a grown up girl needs to be circumspect with men -- even if those men are relatives.

That is the custom in Indian homes. Till she is a toddler it is fine for uncles and older cousins to carry the kid all around the house and fete and treat them. But once she was in her teens- and especially if she had attainted puberty -- the nature of that interaction changed.

Some of them remained playful and tom-boyish but the physical touch was completely eliminated. Not even a handshake, let alone a hug.

And so it jarred him every time Aruna came visiting. She would insist on a proximity that bordered on intimacy. And yet, the girl behaved as if sex did not exist. Nothing else could explain her behavior as a teenager -- right though her teens -- and right up to the days leading up to her wedding day.

Whenever she spotted Sudhir she would exult "Daddy-uncle!" and throw herself at him. Expressions like 'daddy-uncle' are typically Indian. It happens when families are close and also share a friendly bond. The kids look up to their father's friends. Then they want to call them by a term that reflects more than just the primary relationship.

This is what made her actions even more appalling. If he was standing she would give him a no-holds-barred hug, her body clinging to his. If he was sitting she would jump onto his lap. Sometimes she would sit on him the way little children do; back to Sudhir facing the same side as him, with her legs dangling on either side of his legs. At other times she sat cross-wise, both legs to one side and an arm around him. Sudhir would squirm to keep his cock from coming into contact with the girl, desperately hoping that her movements did not result in a hard-on.

Sometimes it did result in a hard-on. And some contact was inevitable. But Aruna didn't seem to notice. And that was the mystery. How could a 16-, 18-, 20- and now 22-year old just about to get married not know? And if she didn't know, what was the marriage about and how was she going to handle that?

Sudhir had turned to his wife Shanta in desperation several times over all those years. "Why doesn't someone explain to that girl?" he complained.

"I told your sister several times. She doesn't do anything about it," replied Shanta.

"Well, then you tell her," said Sudhir.

"No way!" pushed back Shanta. "Anything that I say beyond a point to your family makes me a bad person in their eyes. I wouldn't want to stir up a controversy," said Shanta, fleeing to the recesses of the house to avoid the topic.

Sudhir never figured it out. He just hoped the girl was not the same way with other men. Surely, someone would take advantage of her naivety and then all would be lost.

He sighed. He decided he had to get up before Aruna came to see him in his corner of the hall. He did not want her sitting on him. Maybe on her honeymoon she discovered sex. Maybe she now realized that sitting on a man's lap led to different things. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But who was to take a chance with the irrepressible Aruna?

Moreover, he had just got a new reclining work chair. It was like a Jefferson-chair. It allowed him to stretch back. Yet, it had a swiveling work-surface which took his keyboard and on which he could write. He had a large computer monitor on a stand nearby. His bookshelves were at hand. And yet, because of the way he had sited his office, he could not be seen by most of the persons in the hall area.

This allowed him to be at home and be with his family while at the same time remain undisturbed at work if chose to keep it that way. It was a far distant corner of an L-shaped hall and suited everyone very well. Shanta too liked the idea that her husband and his scattering of things would be out of her way.

The problem this new chair posed him -as he watched the commotion of Aruna and his sister's arrival the front door- was that he was half way between fully lying back and sitting up straight. It was a vulnerable posture in which he certainly did not want Aruna to sit on him.

Preliminaries done, the women adjourned to the kitchen. Aruna should have now belonged in that category and learned a few recipes from her aunts. But a new husband makes no such demands on his wife. She seems just perfect to him in that phase when he is engrossed in discovering the charms of a woman. The caress of her body, playing with her breasts and torso, the delight of being able to bury your face in a shoulder unhindered by any garment of any kind...

And so Aruna continued to remain carefree.

Sudhir had struggled to get up from reclining position and perhaps he was done in by his haste.

"Where is daddy-uncle?" shouted Aruna aloud, not really expecting or waiting for an answer.

"Oh! There are some changes here! You have rearranged your office," beamed down Aruna at her uncle who was struggling to get up.

"Hey, you brat!" said Sudhir to Aruna, eyeing the young woman. She had always been pencil thin as a girl. In the later years, her breasts were just a noticeable swelling of her chest. She was not a busty girl -- but nor was she really all that flat.

But today that chest seemed a bit fuller. And her hips seemed to have a slender roll of fat. All within a month! From pencil straight, she had added just-enough curves in the right departments. "What is it that marriage does?" wondered Sudhir, making his mind up to refer google. She was not dressed like a married woman at all. It was still her old favorite attire: a just-right t-shirt and the short denim skirt frayed around the hem for fashion. The skirt stopped just above her mid-thigh.

Sudhir feared that if she came any closer he would end up looking up her skirt. He fumbled for the lever under the chair and managed to bring up the back which brought him to a somewhat respectable incline. He was still not upright, but he was not as vulnerable as before.

But he had not reckoned with Aruna. She plonked herself on his lap, legs both to one side sitting across him. She put an arm around his shoulder and looked impishly at Sudhir and asked, "How has my daddy-uncle been?"

"Fine. Fine," replied the nonplussed Sudhir. Nothing seemed to have changed with this kid. He tried to steer the conversation to a topic that might make her realize that she was now grown up.

"How's married life?" he asked.

"You mean 'how's the sex'?" she said, shocking him with her blunt language, the mischievous tone and the glint in her eye.

"Aruna!" remonstrated Sudhir in a strict voice, not very convinced himself. He could feel her chest brush his chest.

"You bad man! You never phoned me this last one month!" she complained, going back to being the spoilt little brat she had been all her life with him. She punched him on his chest, marveling at Sudhir's well toned, muscled body. It was hard and well trained. The contrast with her own husband was not lost on the young woman newly initiated to the pleasures of the flesh.

"You know," she continued, "I have been wondering about us."

"What is there about us?" asked a bewildered Sudhir.

"We are so close. Still, you never told me how to prepare for married life," she pouted. Now her hands caressed the chest, feeling through the fabric of his vest the skin beneath.

Sudhir felt her fingers play on him and felt his cock twitch to life. Was this way of touching him newly learnt in the marital bed? Or was he newly feeling the sexuality of her touch?

"It is not a topic for an uncle to discuss with his niece," said Sudhir primly.

Aruna leaned closer, allowing her cheek to graze his and whispered into his ear, "Are you not a man? What is it that you cannot teach a young woman?" Her voice was hoarse with her own desire for this man and there was a devilish quiver in it which Sudhir picked up.

"This is nonsense!" protested Sudhir. "I think I should talk to your mother" he threatened her.

Aruna pulled back from her close position, withdrawing her arm from around his shoulders. Sudhir felt relief and regret. Relief that his threat had worked and regret that the young woman would not be touching him any further.

But he was wrong.

She leaned back and dropped her right hand to the floor. Her body was now reclined fully resting on that right hand. Her legs were still to the right. She lifted the left leg, ready to swivel it to the other side, so that she would straddle his lap.

But she didn't do it in one swift motion.

She bent her left knee, and shook her leg so her sandal dropped to the floor. Sudhir felt the outer side of her thigh brush his broad muscled arm. She straightened her leg and her toe pointed upward towards the ceiling.

"Surely someone would spot that outstretched leg from the hall?" thought Sudhir to himself, and glanced over his shoulder, peering over the stack of books to see if anyone was in the hall.

"Oh yes!" hissed his shameless niece. "Someone might spot my leg! Better I bring it down."

So saying she bent her knee and let her other hand drop to the floor behind her as well, for complete balance. Slowly, and deliberately, she scraped her toe nails across his chest, grazing one nipple of his, then the other. Sudhir's eyes were fixed on the gap between her legs and up her skirt. When the leg was across the other side, she paused, allowing the older man a good long look at her young hungry pussy.

It had been shaven, but a while ago; perhaps just before her honeymoon. Right now, there was a smooth turf of hair and the brown-purple lips of her cunt.

"This is so wrong!" hissed Sudhir in a hoarse voice.

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